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Contract shooting


With a precision shot TR pest control can solve your problem.  This technique is very labour intensive but as part of an overall plan it is a vital part but not really very good as a single-minded solution.

Hunters and public shooters have got a very bad wrap over the years because of the irresponsible actions of a few individuals. As a ex solider, professional shooter and licensed pest controller you will have the peace of mind that the up most care and professionalism will be conducted on your land.

Shooting can be useful to control problem animals that have regular patterns and home ranges, foxes are a very good example, a fox has been coming to your property breaking in to eat your chickens, I can be there waiting an eliminate the problem in one fell swoop.



Trapping has a  low impact on the environment, it is a quite and humane form of pest control

Traps can either be to hold individual animals (leghold traps and cage traps) 

Traps require daily checking to make sure that any animal that becomes trapped is dealt with ASAP to reduce any stress that the animal may feel.

With the addition of the rubber jaws there is no damage to the animal once trapped

Gone are the days where people used to use the old steel jawed traps these are illegal due to the pain and suffering they cause the animal, leghold traps are required by law to have rubber jaws to hold but not injure the animal.

Cage traps can be placed around homes and high traffic areas without any concern for domestic animals, these are perfect for feral cats and possums.

TR pest control has many types and sizes of traps to suit any job.



A very effective technique it involves the use of gases pumped down the burrows of rabbits and foxes.

This is not only time and cost effective it can take out whole warrens of rabbits in a day where trapping hunting and shooting may take weeks of continual work

Fumigation involves the introduction of toxic fumes into a warren where it is inhaled by rabbits leading to their death. Warrens are treated with aluminium phosphide tablets which liberate phosphine gas on exposure to atmospheric or soil moisture. Phosphine is a systemic poison which depresses the central nervous system and respiratory function. It is highly toxic to humans; therefore, operators performing warren fumigation must take adequate precautions to safeguard against accidental exposure.



Toxins are mainly incorporated into some form of meat bait (either fresh, dried or processed) for delivery to foxes and wild dogs. Baits can be distributed either from the air or by hand on the ground. Ground baiting is the main technique used and involves regular monitoring of buried baits. Aerial baiting is used in remote, sparsely populated areas.

A few different baits are available on the market depending on what species need to be controlled but the most common are 1080 and PAPP for dogs and foxes or Pindone and 1080 mixed in grain or carrots for rabbits. 

Weed control


From knapsack spraying to manual removal, I can come up with a plan to suit all situations for weed control on your property.

TR pest control is fully licensed to use herbicide. 

Feral animal and plant surveys


Would you like to know what is eating your crops or breaking in and stealing your chickens?

Using the most advanced technology available and old school techniques we can get down and know exactly what / who is on your property.

Information is power and the first step in getting control of the situation.

TR pest control services

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